Friday, September 2, 2016

Dealing with Delusional Parents

In the last year, on separate occasions I came into contact with current TFI members, and frankly, I was floored to see the depth of their continued delusion. I had the horrifying thought, "Holy shit! Was I like that before?!" But mainly I stood in amazement, marveling at the sense of entitlement, the fantasy world they live in, the continuous denial of any past wrongdoings - "It's in the past," was their flippant response to my questions. (Yes, yes, I know. "Forget those things which are behind." That seems to be the stock formula for denial.)

If I, an ex-FGA, was bewildered by their behavior and mindset, what do their children, who have struggled against all kinds of odds and disadvantages to build a life for themselves out of the cult, think of their parents? I wonder how conflicted they are? I am sure a part of them must love them - it's only natural. But then, how do they handle dealing with such delusional parents?


  1. Every single one of your posts brings helpful thinking into my life. Hoping you continue to write so we can all learn, grow and heal. Sending love from Montana! - Debbie

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate your kind words.

  3. I had a similar encounter recently. I met 3 or 4 TFI members as a barbecue a few weeks ago. They all have the "mistakes have been committed in the past" line. Let's analyse that statement. "mistakes have been committed". By whom? They don't even own up to who made the mistakes. "Mistakes" is systematic incestual ritual child abuse on the part of leadership a mistake? No, it's a crime, a perversion and strongly condemned by the book they claim to be following. They still believe god used Berg to start the movement, ant that a lot of good came out of it, and of course, the King David bullshit always is used to excuse Berg's transgressions. One says he gets fed from the TFI website. That I'll agree with. He's getting fed a pile of shit.

    I don't condemn those people. After all, as you said, we all had a similar attitude when we were in, and it was incomprehensible to people who had left that we could still believe that shit.

    I've been patient with those kind of people, and my patience has paid off. I have maintained friendship with a few TFI members, and eventually my low key arguments paid of with 2 or 3 (one of them might have come around on her own) who are no longer reporting nor believe in the cult any longer.

  4. Thank you for your comment. It's good to hear that you've helped a few cult members. That mindset it hard to get past. I hope they appreciate your help and concern for them.